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Fruit and...corn?

Fruit and...corn?


Fruit and...corn? - Smorgasbord

Paint perfect fruit! A favorite subject of many painters, apples, bananas, grapes, and the like make for beautiful portraits. Use a fine brush and add the intimate details that transform a basic fruit bowl into a masterpiece or paint outside the lines and become the Picasso of fruit portraits - there are no mistakes in art!

As you learn to paint fruit and refine your acrylic painting skills you might find that people ask silly questions like, “what does it mean?” As you reflect on this you will eventually come to realize that your painting doesn’t mean anything; it is an authentic existence in its own right - and it’s great.

The sketched canvas will be shipped directly to your door, safely packaged and tightly wrapped around a sturdy 0.75” wooden frame. Simply unpack and paint over the sketch right out of the box, no further preparation is necessary. Finished with pre-installed mounting hardware, you can put your masterpiece on display immediately after the paint dries. High-quality construction using professional grade materials ensures your canvas will arrive in perfect condition, guaranteed. Acrylic paint, brushes and other accessories sold separately. Use acrylic paint only!