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Learn to paint!

Custom Sketches

Can't find anything you want to paint on our site? Want to learn to paint beautiful portraits of your very own loved ones? Create your own custom sketched template for just $20!

It's super easy:

1. Send a high resolution digital image* to sketch@sketchedcanvas.com - if the file is too big to send via email you can send a link via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or other file transfer service.

2. Our team will convert your image to a sketch and send a digital proof for your review and approval - satisfaction guaranteed!**

3. Let us know what size you'd like (8x10 or 16x20) and we will send you a money request via Paypal for the total order cost (Sketch + Product Cost + Shipping).

4. Once paid, your order will go into production and arrive at your door in just a few days - open and begin to paint your masterpiece. Use acrylic paint only!


* For best results image resolution should be at least 1500 x 1200 and 300 DPI. Not sure if your image will work? Send it anyways and we'll give it the old college try.

** Payment for custom sketch services is non-refundable once you approve the image and the order goes into production.

The Fine Print:

Terms of use for custom sketches. By using this service, Sketch Canvas assumes that you have the proper rights to the image that is submitted to us for altercation and production. Sketched Canvas is not responsible for any damages that arise due to copyright infringement. Sketched Canvas uses reasonable due diligence and will not knowingly submit an image into production that violates copyright laws. Images in question may require documentation or other  proof of ownership. Sketched Canvas reserves the right to deny service for any reason. Contact sketch@sketchedcanvas.com with questions.